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Rebates- Jackson EMC Program

Jackson Electric Membership Corporation (EMC) offers a variety of rebates to its members on energy-efficient products and solutions. These rebates are designed to help members save money on their energy bills while also promoting sustainability and environmental responsibility.

No Limitations Home Energy is now a participating contractor with Jackson EMC! Receive a rebate of up to 50% on the costs of insulation installation and air sealing services.

Benefits of receiving rebates

Receiving a rebate through the Jackson EMC rebate program offers several benefits to members. Rebates can help offset the cost of purchasing energy-efficient products or upgrading to more efficient heating and cooling system. This, in turn, can help members save money on their energy bills and reduce their overall energy consumption. Additionally, by promoting the use of energy-efficient appliance and systems, the Jackson EMC rebate program helps to promote environmental responsibility in the community.

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