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Air Quality Monitoring

Air Quality Monitoring services in atlanta and surrounding

Today’s building codes have been great for energy efficiency, but what about our indoor air quality? With the air tight construction the harmful contaminants that are in our indoor air are continuously being circulated through our home each time our heating and cooling system runs. Without proper air quality monitoring, we never know what exactly is in our indoor air and what could be dangerous to our health.

Using an air quality monitoring system, we are able to test the level of humidity, temperature, CO2, VOCs (volatile organic compounds), and more. Knowing what is in your indoor air is the first step on knowing what to do to improve it.

Let us help you breathe better indoors.

At No Limitations IAQ Solutions, we don’t just stop at cleaning your air. We want to understand why your air is dirty and provide you with a long term solution. In addition to air quality monitoring we also offer UV lights and home purification systems.

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